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please comment on my drawings!!!!


Fleur - Fairy Fields by Quco
Fleur - Fairy Fields
REF # 10628

Pokemon: Eevee
Dex: # 133
Type: Normal
Name: Fleur
Gender: Female
Ability: Adaptability
Hatch Date: 2nd of July, 2014
Level: 9
Started Base Attack: 7
Current Base Attack: 8
Helping Hand (starter)
Tackle (starter)
Growl (starter)
Tail Whip (starter)

Level Up Log: 
BaltazarXWild Chase Clutch CLOSED (FB (2) - Shade (2) - sBG (1) ) 5 levels
Reference Sheet ( FB (2) - Shade (2) ) 4 levels

Breeding Status: Closed

Mother PKMNation: Wild Chase
Father Fairy Fields - Baltazar


Sassy Nature, kind of a prankster
she likes to fool with the other pokemon, but she rarely gets into trouble. she's very cunning that way and knows her own charms and looks work well as camouflage.
She is not fond of Battles and would rather participate in contests

Cutie Clutch Dump OPEN by Quco
Cutie Clutch Dump OPEN
Level Log (fullbody (2) - simple BG (1) ) 3 levels

Mother Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Father PKMNation: Valerian the Mightyena/ Persian

clutch size - 4
males - 0
females - 4
species numbers - 1 crossbreed, 3 mareep
shiny - 0
morphs - 1
fusions - 2
crossbreeds - 1
base attack - 12

1A. Mareep

Gender: female
Price: 50 points / 5 levels


Gender: female
Type: Dark/Electric
Price: ---
MINE :iconquco:


Mother Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Fairy Fields - Atlas

clutch size - 7
males - 2
females - 5
species numbers - 3 mareep, 4 bulbasaur
shiny - 0
morphs - 2
fusions - 5
crossbreeds - 0
base attack - 16


Gender: Female
Type: Fairy/Electric
Price: 2 moves each for Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss (iron tail and ???) and Fairy Fields - Orion (Flail and Trash)
ON HOLD for :iconfuruitcake:

2B. BulbasaurFUSION

Gender: Female
Type: Electric/Grass/Poison
Price: 200points
SOLD to :iconcollywobblies:

3B. BulbasaurFUSION

Gender: Female
Type: Fairy/Grass/Poison
Price: 200points
SOLD to :iconredwolfvirus:

4B. Mareep

Gender: Female
Type: Electric
Price: 50 points / 5 levels

5B. Bulbasaur FUSION

Gender: Male
Type: Steel/Grass/Poison
Price: 200 points
SOLD to :iconeccentricbirdie:

6B. Mareep FUSION

Gender: Male
Type: Poison/Electric
Price: 200points

7B. Bulbasaur MORPH

Gender: Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Price: 200points

Art (c) Quco
Pokemon (c) Gamefreaks

Carlos And Cecil Pokes by Quco
Carlos And Cecil Pokes
for :iconfuritcake: 
sooo uuuuh i wanted to see how they look together~ 
it's only a sketch really, and im not too sure on his design yet c:

Carlos is an espeon/flaaffy morph/cross/shiny 
thats gonna take a while to get but we can do it!

whatchu think?
Zak Versus Frost - Out of Range by Quco
Zak Versus Frost - Out of Range
last drawing of 2014! 

i tried my best, oh my gosh. i tried my best. 
i kept going, okay im done, but not quite liking it, and just kept on pushing it because i wanted this to be awesome.
and hey, i did a decent background!! I even amazed myself~

It had been a long time since Frost had had a decent battle, and when she was first challenged, she had been afraid. She thought this would be her first actual Gym Battle, and in all honesty, she did not feel ready for that. To her relief it was only a regular battle. she almost wanted to laugh at that time.

In retrospect, that was completely stupid. Laughing at a battle? Yes, she was maybe a really good fighter, but this guy was so close to her own fighting style it was not funny any more. not funny at all. This guy kept darting around the Silver Plains even more than she would, and in the end she did get really frustrated. Seriously! Couldn't this guy just PLEASE stay within range???
No wonder Frost had such a grin on her face. This battle would be tough!

perspective isn't exactly my thing, but i think i, for once, did a decent job of it!
i don't care who wins, cause i'm just proud i managed something like this!

stargirl5286's entry (which is totally badass) 
Zak vs Frost. Shivers Down ya Spine by stargirl5286
Destroying Your Reputation by Quco
Destroying Your Reputation
Cartoon Violence and Blood Warning

My titles just keep getting better.

Okay so!
i was going to have this to be two pages, but the second page was mostly some gang dudes sitting around. good practise but i didn't have time for it, though i liked the end better and it was less violent, more in character for Arty and maybe more scary?But, ummm, i wan't to speed up Arty's Arc. sooo yeah... 
This might give you a small clue for what is in store for her, pluss her background... 
Looking forwards to it, mehheheh...

Eb's Nose is adorbs and so is his hair. AND I HOPE I DID HIM JUSTICE
and i fell in love with the bun i did for Arty, gonna keep doign that one~


youre not meant to be able to read Arty's rant, but hey, kudo's if you catch half of it!

Also! sorry for cutting it so terribly short, the mods were so nice to give me an extension on a week. THANKS SO MUCH!

Artemis, Art (c) Quco
cutieEbenezer (c) Relevancies

PKMNation Breeding and Backlog

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 5:19 AM

So the other journals are getting a bit crowded so i thought i make a new one.  I do need a backlog, considering I've got a lot of things planned!! evolutions, moves, small stories and tons of clutches!

i still got a ton of Pokemon that need a home ;w;
~PKMN sale~
take a look~

Curious about breeding? 

Take a look at my pokes! 

Condensed Pokemon List:…

Easily check my pokemon and if they are open for breeding in a glance~

Breeding Info:

I do not charge for a breeding
- Please comment on the Pokemons Reference Sheet
- I have the right to reject an invitation
- I will only breed if both our Pokemon have a combined level of 25 (because of BA's)
- We will split the clutch evenly
- Other terms can be discussed

If an item is used we will either: 
- Item provider gets first pick and the left over special
- Split the cost and clutch as evenly as possible

Any questions? 
don't be afraid to ask, I'm open minded c:


Breeding Slots

My Initiate
1:  OPEN

Your Initiate 

Unfinished Clutches

If you see anything you like here, you can reserve a mon~
50 :points: extra if you'd like me to design said mon to how you want it to look!

Mother - Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Father - Fairy Fields - Orion
I might keep a cross morph)

(all mine)

Clutch Size - 8
Males - 4
Females - 4
Species Numbers - 1 cross, 4 Mareep, 2 Spinda, 1 Growlithe  
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 1
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 1
Base Attack - 10

Mother: Fairy Fields - Briar Rose
Father: Fairy Fields - Balder

(all mine)

Clutch Size - 6
Males - 3
Females - 3
Species Numbers - 2 Crossbreeds, 4 Pumpkaboo
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 4
Crossbreeds - 2
Base Attack - 9

Mother: PKMNation: Blue Anemone
Father: Fairy Fields - Baltazar

my share: 1 cross 1 mareep, 1 vulpix
1 male, 2 female

Clutch Size: 5
Males: 2
Females: 3
Species Numbers: 2 Cross, 2 Mareep, 1 Vulpix
Shiny: 1
Morphs: 0
Fusions: 0
Crossbreeds: 2
Base Attack: 15

Planned Clutches

Fairy Fusion Shinx
Mareepokes with Fairy Fields - Daylily
Fairy Fusion Bulbasaur
Fairy Fusion Snorunt (female)
Fairy Fusion Shuppet


Evolve Fairy Fields - Briar Rose to Gourgheist (need Evo Stone - Trade ) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Calypso to Luxray (need LVL 30)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Rufus to Quilava (need LVL 14)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Atlas To Ivysaur (need LVL 16) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Peregrin to Swaddloon (need LVL 20) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields- Pebbles to Clefairy (need Evo Stone - Happiness) (READY)

Reference Images

Update Demetrios - Sigurd Reference 
Update Arthur - Demetrios Reference
Male Paras (normal)
Female Chikorita (normal)
Female Eevee (normal)
Female Nidoran (normal)
Male Deerling (normal)
Female Deino (normal)
Female Houndour (normal)
Female Togepi (normal)
Male Joltik (normal)
Female Skiddo (normal)
Female Buneary (normal)
Male Escavalier (normal)
Female Cottonee (normal)
Male Mareep (Grass fusion)

Skin by SimplySilent


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