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please comment on my drawings!!!!


Destroying Your Reputation by Quco
Destroying Your Reputation
Cartoon Violence and Blood Warning

My titles just keep getting better.

Okay so!
i was going to have this to be two pages, but the second page was mostly some gang dudes sitting around. good practise but i didn't have time for it, though i liked the end better and it was less violent, more in character for Arty and maybe more scary?But, ummm, i wan't to speed up Arty's Arc. sooo yeah... 
This might give you a small clue for what is in store for her, pluss her background... 
Looking forwards to it, mehheheh...

Eb's Nose is adorbs and so is his hair. AND I HOPE I DID HIM JUSTICE
and i fell in love with the bun i did for Arty, gonna keep doign that one~


youre not meant to be able to read Arty's rant, but hey, kudo's if you catch half of it!

Also! sorry for cutting it so terribly short, the mods were so nice to give me an extension on a week. THANKS SO MUCH!

Artemis, Art (c) Quco
cutieEbenezer (c) Relevancies
Pokemon-Amie Inventory Sheet by Quco
Pokemon-Amie Inventory Sheet
I hope it's okay i made the sheet smaller, it just looked so long and empty and lonely :iconpapplz:

Teddiursebear - Sleep Tight, Little Pokemons
Moomoo milk and Miltank bandana - To be a Scarecrow
Delphox journal - Delphox Therapy
CVIII - Destroying Your Reputation by Quco
Delphox Therapy by Quco
Delphox Therapy
slowly going through every mission this month? mmmaybe not everyone~ but close!

interactive missions, im not used to it, but i tried my best!
and im sorry Cass is barely in this picture, she was originally placed behind her but i couldn't get it to work...

Artemis had never done anything like this before. but she had been asked to talk to a woman about the Dittech. in a room. just the two of them. talking about a certain subject and they called it a therapy session??? Humans were strange, but if this was normal she guessed she had to follow up. 

"hello, miss Reed, sit down on the couch. if you feel more comfortable lying down, you can do that too. once you've settled down we'll get started."
Art looked at the delphox infront of her, gave a slight, nervous smile and sat down on the edge of the sofa. shifted her seat, crossed her legs. nope. she scooted further in, trying to lean against the back but the back was so short, it wasn't any comfortable. hmm.. she laid down on it. she felt more vulnerable, but at least she didn't feel the need to shift her position every 5th second. she took a deep breath and looked over at the woman.
"ok, seems like your'e ready, let's get started"


Artemis (c) Quco
Cassandra (c) TeniCola
Frost - Battle Reference by Quco
Frost - Battle Reference
Name: Frost Fitzherbert
Species: Froslass # 478
Ability: Snow cloak  - "Raises evasion in a hailstorm."
Held Item: Expert Belt - "An item to be held by a Pokémon. It is a well-worn belt that slightly boosts the power of supereffective moves."

:iconicetypeplz:/Special - Frost Breath - "The user blows a cold breath on the target. This attack always results in a CRITICAL HIT." 
Bullet; Blue - Critical HIT
:iconghosttypeplz:/Special - Shadow Ball - "The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. It may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat."
Bullet; Purple - 20% chance of lowering opponents special Defence

:iconpsychictypeplz:/Special - Psychic - "The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the target's Sp.Def stat."
Bullet; Pink - 10% chance of lowering opponents Special Defence 

:iconnormaltypeplz:/Status - Double Team - "By moving rapidly, the user makes illusory copies of itself to raise its evasiveness."
:bulletyellow:  - Raises evasiveness by 1 - 

:iconicetypeplz:/Physical - Ice Punch - "The target is punched with an icy fist. This may also leave the target frozen."
:bulletblue: - 10% chance of freezing the target 

:iconunspecifictypeplz:/Status - Pain Split - "The user adds its HP to the target's HP, then equally shares the combined HP with the target."
Bullet; White - Shares HP between opponent and user equally

Fighting Style:
Frost fights at a high pace, never standing still at any point in the fight. she likes to fly around the field, trying to stay out of her opponents fighting zone, considering she's not very good at hand to hand combat. 
Her tactic is to hit first, hit fast and get out of the way. Not exactly a nice, clean fighting style. 
when frost is hit hard or she sees blood, either her own or her opponent, she gets her blood lust up and her style starts to waiver. she then becomes more crazy in her fighting, bordering on berserk. this is when it's easy to get hits in on her, cause she won't be trying to evade.

- her left eye is made of glass, and it often falls out during a match.
- she's been working out as you can see, and have gotten a lot stronger, physically 

- She's the leader of Olivine Gym and has set up a mean gym battle for you! challenge her if you dare! bring gloves and sweaters

Frost (c) Quco
Pokemon (c) Gamefreaks
move descriptions from game/bulbapedia

updated with some froslassy patterns
Sailor Wave Payment by Quco
Sailor Wave Payment
this cute fluff was fun to draw!

i haven't really tried out too many poses when it comes to animals, and i'm trying to draw more interactive... i'm trying at least! ^^; 
this was done for an awesome Morph sylveon, i can't wait to draw that girl~

Level Log:
5x FB (2) - 5 x Shade (2) - 4x simpleBG (1) - 1x complexBG (2) ) 21 levels to Sailor cutieWave! 

Sailor Wave (c) The-Sleepy-Prince
art (c) Quco
Pokemon (c) Gamefreaks

PKMNation Breeding and Backlog

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 5:19 AM

So the other journals are getting a bit crowded so i thought i make a new one.  I do need a backlog, considering I've got a lot of things planned!! evolutions, moves, small stories and tons of clutches!

i still got a ton of Pokemon that need a home ;w;
~PKMN sale~
take a look~

Curious about breeding? 

Take a look at my pokes! 

Condensed Pokemon List:…

Easily check my pokemon and if they are open for breeding in a glance~

Breeding Info:

I do not charge for a breeding
- Please comment on the Pokemons Reference Sheet
- I have the right to reject an invitation
- I will only breed if both our Pokemon have a combined level of 25 (because of BA's)
- We will split the clutch evenly
- Other terms can be discussed

If an item is used we will either: 
- Item provider gets first pick and the left over special
- Split the cost and clutch as evenly as possible

Any questions? 
don't be afraid to ask, I'm open minded c:


Breeding Slots

My Initiate
1:  OPEN

Your Initiate 

Unfinished Clutches

If you see anything you like here, you can reserve a mon~
50 :points: extra if you'd like me to design said mon to how you want it to look!

Mother - Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Father - Fairy Fields - Orion
I might keep a cross morph)

(all mine)

Clutch Size - 8
Males - 4
Females - 4
Species Numbers - 1 cross, 4 Mareep, 2 Spinda, 1 Growlithe  
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 1
Fusions - 0
Crossbreeds - 1
Base Attack - 10

Mother: Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Father: Fairy Fields - Atlas

Male Steel Fusion Bulbasaur reserved for: :iconmylittlebirdie: 

(all mine)

Clutch Size - 7
Males - 2
Females - 5
Species Numbers - 3 Mareep, 4 Bulbasaur
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 2
Fusions - 5
Crossbreeds - 0
Base Attack - 16

Mother: Fairy Fields - Fairy Floss
Father: PKMNation: Valerian the Poochyena/ Meowth

my share: 2 females, 2 mareeps (1 morph, 1 fusion)

Clutch Size - 4
Males - 0
Females - 4
Species Numbers - 1 Crossbreed, 3 Mareep
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 1
Fusions - 2
Crossbreeds - 1
Base Attack - 12

Mother: Fairy Fields - Briar Rose
Father: Fairy Fields - Balder

(all mine)

Clutch Size - 6
Males - 3
Females - 3
Species Numbers - 2 Crossbreeds, 4 Pumpkaboo
Shiny - 0
Morphs - 0
Fusions - 4
Crossbreeds - 2
Base Attack - 9

Mother: PKMNation: Blue Anemone
Father: Fairy Fields - Baltazar

my share (undecided)

Clutch Size: 5
Males: 2
Females: 3
Species Numbers: 2 Cross, 2 Mareep, 1 Vulpix
Shiny: 1
Morphs: 0
Fusions: 0
Crossbreeds: 2
Base Attack: 15

Planned Clutches

Fairy Fusion Shinx
Mareepokes with Fairy Fields - Daylily
Fairy Fusion Bulbasaur
Fairy Fusion Snorunt (female)
Fairy Fusion Shuppet


Evolve Fairy Fields - Briar Rose to Gourgheist (need Evo Stone - Trade ) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Calypso to Luxray (need LVL 30)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Rufus to Quilava (need LVL 14)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Atlas To Ivysaur (need LVL 16) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields - Peregrin to Swaddloon (need LVL 20) (READY)
Evolve Fairy Fields- Pebbles to Clefairy (need Evo Stone - Happiness) (READY)

Reference Images

Update Demetrios - Sigurd Reference 
Update Arthur - Demetrios Reference
Male Mareep (normal) 
Male Omanyte (normal)
Female Pichu (normal)
Male Paras (normal)
Female Chikorita (normal)
Female Riolu (normal)
Female Eevee (normal)
Female Nidoran (normal)
Male Deerling (normal)
Female Deino (normal)
Female Houndour (normal)
Female Togepi (normal)
Male Joltik (normal)
Female Skiddo (normal)
Female Buneary (normal)
Male Escavalier (normal)
Female Cottonee (normal)
Male Mareep (Grass fusion)

Skin by SimplySilent


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